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Flex-North America, Inc. announces a redesigned German Manufactured:  variable speed, 600-2100 rpm, 10 amp, 1400 watt, slim yet powerful 8” Automotive Rotary Polisher. The speed control trigger allows for slow approach to pre-selected speeds, and can be locked for continuous operation.  This unique polisher will operate at slow speeds without torque loss or overheating.  This is accomplished by optimized air guidance and a low-wear gear box designed for continuous polishing and continuous cooling of the motor.  The 5/8” spindle lock,  rubber-coated contact areas, rubber-coated ergonomic grip for comfort and control and 13” rubber cord are just a few of the many features offered on this unit. Weighing in at only 5.6 pounds and a compact length of 15 ¾ inches, operators will enjoy the fatigue free duration.