R200 Iron Melt

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R200 – Iron Melt is an fast acting, acid-free, pH balanced cleaner designed to dissolve ferrous (iron containing) particles and airborne chemical compounds that can penetrate paint surfaces creating corrosive compounds that penetrate deep into the paint's sub-layers.  Claying or polishing only removes the particle from the surface of the paint, but not its effects, which will continue to spread beneath the surface. Iron Melt was developed as a method of removing paint contamination beyond what can be removed by washing or claying.

This unique formula easily penetrates surfaces so it can really dig in and break down bonded ferrous (iron) contaminants that have penetrated into the surface, leaving paint decontaminated and as clean and smooth as possible.  This process will make application of wax, polishes, sealants, glass and ceramic coatings properly bond to paint surfaces.