M90 Hawaiian shine

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Hawaiian Shine is a truly unique Car Soap with Silicone that enhances color and gloss, shining the paint with every application. You will definitely notice a higher shine on your vehicle!!  As long as you are taking the time to wash your car or truck, why not make it pop more?!  Hawaiian Shine also lubricates your mitt or mop, so it slides over the vehicle easier, and you can make longer passes without going back to the bucket.   Lastly, M90 makes the vehicle faster to dry off!!  The silicone sheets water off to make drying easier.

Hawaiian Shine got its name in the Hawaiian Islands where the salts sprays dull vehicle finishes daily! It differs from regular wash and wax products that use drying agents to sheet the water, but impart no shine.   Hawaiian Shine is a color enhancer, as well as a water beading and sheeting agent.   Join the huge following of this product, who will use nothing else!!  Use 2 ounces per gallon for best results.